New Patients

We are always excited about meeting new patients during their first visit to our office. Your initial examination is a complimentary fact finding mission. At this appointment, we will introduce you to our staff, provide you with a tour of our office and introduce you to Doctor McGill. We will also gather the necessary personal information and preliminary clinical information required for the doctor to make a treatment recommendation. Dr. McGill’s treatment coordinator, Stefanie, will accompany you throughout the entire process. She will also discuss cost, payment options, and insurance benefits. Our goal is to provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision regarding your new smile during this visit.


The following is a list of things to consider when selecting an orthodontist:



Ø  Is the doctor an orthodontist? Do they have specialized training in this field? In other words, do they spend every day finding ways to better move the teeth & jaw?

Ø  Is the doctor Board certified or Board eligible by the American Board of Orthodontics?

Ø  Does the office use the most modern technologies available?

Ø  Are the brackets and bands recycled, or are new appliances used for you and your child?

Ø  What is included in the price of my treatment plan? (initial records, repairs, retainers?)

Ø  Does the doctor focus you or your child’s treatment plan on facial structure so that the patient has the best possible smile, face and profile when orthodontics treatment is completed?

Ø  Are satellite offices available for your convenience?

Ø  Does the office run on time?

** This list was developed by Ormco Sybron Dental Specialties**


We hope this information will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to the selection of your orthodontic office.  Please do not hesitate to ask any question you or your family may have. We look forward to working with you in the future.