Why We’re Unique

We know that you could pick any orthodontist, but here at McGill Orthodontics we provide care and treatment that is designed just for you.  Don't take our word for it, here is what our patients say:

Dr. McGill orthodontics has great customer service and it has been a joy to visit.  I had the Damon Braces for about a month and I am amazed by the results.  The braces are comfortable to wear and my visits take less time. ~Bill A.

The staff is very friendly.  Our appointments are very speedy.  Haven likes that they are taking care of her teeth ~ Haven and Jess B. 

I am very glad that I come to McGill Orthodontics.  The staff is very kind and their service is wonderful.  They have a very warm atmosphere and I wouldn't choose another orthodontist. ~ Brianna K.

McGill Orthodontics was the first place I looked into when I decided to get braces and I never had to look anywhere else.  The staff is fun, friendly and polite.  They work with my schedule and care a lot about each patient. I enjoy coming to each appointment.  ~Gina J.

Not only do we offer great customer service we have the latest technology for taking impressions by offering the Lythos Digital Scanner.  The Lythos Digital Scanner give us the ability to do away with PVS and alignate impressions.  Our patients seem to like it:

I like it better because it didn't require that nasty squishy stuff.  It also took much less time.  ~ Cahley V.

I like the scan better because the regular impression tastes bad.  I also like the technology, I think it is really cool! ~ Makenna Z.

I like it better because it's  not as hard and tastes better.  I hope you keep using it for other people.  The scan is also better because it doesn't take as long as the molding.  ~ Catherine P.

The scanning for the braces was quicker, cleaner and easier than the putty ever was. ~ Luke H.